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Our projects are funded by a number of different sources: clients hire us to work in their communities, we help write grants to fund our services, or private foundations hire us to work on specific research or projects. At this time, we are not able to provide pro bono services. 

Our staff is comprised of professional architects and planners who manage and oversee each project. We often hire students to support our professional work and give them educational opportunities to learn about public interest design. We also have the capability to partner with the Mississippi State University School of Architecture to provide solutions through design studios. We are happy to talk with you about which project path will best meet your needs. 

No community is too small (or too big) to work with us. 

The Small Town Center operates in a collaborative environment. We enjoy partnering with the following national, statewide, and local partners: Mississippi State, Mississippi Main Street, National Endowment for the Arts, PPM Consultants, Orion Planning, NSPARC, MS Development Authority, and many others.