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Active Alleys Toolkit

The Active Alleys Toolkit is intended to provide a starting point for activating downtown alleys. Within this toolkit, you’ll find a myriad of inspirational examples of alleyway pocket parks, as well as an easy-to-follow checklist of essential tasks to do when starting your alley park project. Finally, a list of financial resources to get the budget started is also included here. Use this guide as a jumping-off point to create the perfect active alley for your community! 

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Asphalt Art Toolkit

Cities and towns globally are recognizing the potential of asphalt art to increase street safety and add renewed vibrancy to their communities. Even in small towns, asphalt art can have a huge impact. The goal of this Asphalt Art Toolkit is to share inspiration and provide a step-by-step guide to undertaking an asphalt art project in your town.

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Mississippi Downtown Design Guidelines

This document was prepared by the Fred Carl Jr. Small Town Center (STC), the Mississippi Main Street Association (MMSA) and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) as a guide for local Main Street programs, Certified Local Governments, city staff, downtown development groups, property owners and volunteers that work to revitalize and maintain the physical assets of their downtowns.

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Mural Toolkit

As public art has grown in popularity in recent years, small towns have been realizing the potential of murals to transform underutilized public spaces into vibrant community assets. This Mural Toolkit is meant to guide you through the process of creating a new mural in your town, from planning and funding to installing and maintaining. 

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Noxubee County Active Transportation Plan

A transportation plan created for Noxubee County explaining the many different ways for a community to support active transportation.

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Outdoor Classroom Toolkit

This Outdoor Classroom Toolkit is geared towards communities that want to provide an outdoor learning space for school-aged children, taking into consideration teachers' and students' needs and ease of construction.

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Preservation Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to be an interactive resource for those new to historic preservation, those wanting to see the various resources in Mississippi related to historic preservation, and to serve as a starting point for property owners and community activists to understand the scope and the process of saving historic structures.

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Streatery Toolkit

This Small Town Streatery Toolkit is geared toward small towns, keeping in mind limited budgets, locally available materials, and ease of construction based on volunteer labor.

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Support Local (Safely) Toolkit

Information for how you can help your customers continue to support local safely.

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Small Town Center Toolkits

Walk Audit Toolkit

Information, steps, and questions to help you determine how walkable your community is.

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